Festive recipes now on the Linguacuisine app!

Tasty Christmas languages fun with Linguacuisine! Recipes and videos for French, German and Spanish Christmas treats for all to cook and learn using our flyer:


The free Linguacuisine app helps you learn French, German and Spanish while you’re cooking a festive treat! Have fun baking with a friend, learn some new words and then feed your family and friends with a French Bûche de Noël, German Lebkuchen or Spanish Mantecados. You can do it online with videos or by using this recipe card.

The Linguacuisine app helps you learn a foreign language while you’re cooking a meal! Your own mobile will speak to you in the foreign language as well as English and talk you through all of the stages of cooking the recipe. If you can’t understand, just press a button to get a photo or video explaining what to do.

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Visit https://linguacuisine.com  • Click “Try it online now!” • Choose French, German or Spanish and click browse to find recipes Une bûche de Noël, Lebkuchen and Mantecados. • You can see a list of the food and equipment you need. • Click the play button to begin the video and follow along. Click “show description” to see the writing. • Try saying the French, German or Spanish words to each other. Then you can eat your delicious homemade festive treats with family and friends!

We have recipes available in: English, French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Estonian, Arabic and Turkish. Send us photos of the food you’ve made and tell us which words you’ve learnt! We can do live online cooking with you in December. Email us on linguacuisine@gmail.com  to take part.

Want a fun holiday project for children? You can use the recipe builder so that you can upload your favourite recipe in your own language! There is a tutorial available under “The App” tab. Once your recipe is uploaded, people all over the world can watch it and make your recipe! Click on “The App” tab on the website and scroll to find the author tool to begin creating your own recipe.