For Teachers

The Linguacuisine app can be used for foreign language lessons, but also for cookery lessons and cross-curricular projects. Students can use the app to cook and learn in the kitchen at home as well as at school.

The app is a good way of preparing students for a foreign trip as it helps engage them with the cuisines, culture and language in advance. Students can write their own recipes in their own language, informing people about their culture and cuisines.

It is also an excellent way of getting learners to communicate with learners in other countries. Video links have been available for some time, but Linguacuisine means that learners in different countries can do enjoyable shared activities together, cooking recipes from other countries whilst learning about the other language and culture.

Digital skills can also be developed by using the ‘recipe builder’ authoring software. This was co-authored with learners and designed to develop a wide range of digital skills using the DigComp 2.1 framework; it has been shown to be successful in improving learner competence.