What HundrEd Academy members say…

“[We] believe this innovation has a great impact on language learners because it turns language acquisition into a fun adventure. It develops not only language skills, but also digital skills and cultural awareness.” – HundrED Academy Member

“Combining technology, languages, culture and cuisine! — It’s a 4 in 1 package.– The comprehensive framework and implementation plans are detailed and impressive!” – HundrED Academy Member

IMPACT & SCALABILITY: Linguacuisine understands the importance of introducing language with culture. What better way than by exploring cooking, an activity that is relatable worldwide. By introducing language and recipes, students are having a hands-on and in practice language experience and having fun while at it! This tech-based global model can be scaled globally.

Delighted to see the new Linguacuisine app: clever idea attractively presented. Hope it attracts many new language learners.

David Crystal‏, Professor