Linguacuisine for Lockdown!

Around the world, schools are closed for long periods. Many people have bought large supplies of food to store at home. Everybody is asking for educational activities to keep children occupied during lockdown. Strangely enough, we realised we have developed an educational app which works even better when children are stuck at home in lockdown, missing school and with large supplies of food!

The free Linguacuisine app  helps you learn a foreign language while you’re cooking a meal with a friend or relative. Choose a tasty recipe, then your own smartphone or tablet will speak to you in the foreign language in your own kitchen and talk you both through all of the stages of cooking the recipe. It will give you photos and audios of all of the ingredients and equipment you need to collect and then play you videos explaining the cooking processes. So not only can you carry on learning at home, but you can cook a meal and feed your family and friends at the same time using all those food supplies!

Children can also record themselves with a tablet in their own kitchen at home making their own favourite recipe in their own language and upload it to the Linguacuisine system so others around the world can make their recipe. So that makes a project to keep them busy and develop their digital skills. This is also a good way of keeping international communication and understanding going in difficult times when we can’t travel.

We are doing live-streaming events in which we will be cooking food from around the world! Check out details on  You can see videos of past live-streams on

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