‘TeenCook’ for Newcastle City Council

Linguacuisine was asked by Newcastle City Council to produce new budget recipes for Newcastle children in low income homes who had to learn to cook for themselves during coronavirus lockdown. So we made and uploaded 2 new video recipes (called TeenCook) for the app:  French crêpes/pancakes and Spanish chilli con carne.  These are our first ever bilingual recipes, made in English as well as the foreign language so they are easier for all to follow, and they use standard, budget ingredients which are on the council’s recommended information sheets and available at local supermarkets. 

During the 2020 summer holidays we’ve been asked to work with Newcastle City Council and Street Games on their holiday hunger programme ‘Best Summer Ever’. They are delivering food and educational activity packs to over 9,000 Newcastle households, including information on the Linguacuisine Teencook recipes. We will also be running online activities for the children.