The App

We are delighted to present the first release of the Linguacuisine authoring tool and recipe player. The icons below represent the two parts of the app, and the online community.

The Player

The player (the icon with the green background) allows you to search for and play recipes so that you can try out a range of delicious recipes from international cultures and cuisines, while learning the language. We now have recipes available in: English, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Quechua, Chinese and Korean. Select one of these in ‘recipe language’, then press ‘search’ and the recipe will appear.

The Author

The recipe author (the icon with the yellow background) allows you to author a recipe, add audio and video elements and share your recipe for others to try. Use our tutorials to learn how to use the app.

Online Community

The online community (the icon with the blue background) allows you to connect with others using Linguacuisine, will be available here shortly.