Live Virtual Cooking Exchange Workshop at IVEC 2020

As part of the International Virtual Exchange Conference (IVEC 2020), Linguacuisine delivered a Virtual Cooking Workshop to thirty attendees from around the world via Zoom. One team member in Newcastle cooked the Catalan recipe Suquet de peix amb pesols, supported via Skype by our colleague in Barcelona, while he in turn prepared Ca phe trung (Vietnamese egg coffee), helped by our Vietnamese colleague in Newcastle! There was constant dialogue between the cooks as they learnt the words in the two languages using the Linguacuisine app, and the conference attendees were able to ask questions on the process they were observing.

This was the first time the team had attempted a virtual exchange, and there were real benefits to the cooks as language learners in being able to clarify pronunciation and meaning, as well as discuss the cultural and societal context of the vocabulary and the recipes themselves.

There are a variety of applications for virtual exchange using the Linguacuisine app which we will continue to explore over the coming months. If you have any ideas on how virtual exchange for language learning could be used in your context, please contact us.