Combining technology, languages, culture and cuisine

Learn a foreign language while you’re cooking a tasty meal!

With Linguacuisine you can learn new languages while you cook delicious meals from all around the world. Combine the process of learning a language with the fun and excitement of cooking!

mobile device and ramen

So how does it work?

Use recipes uploaded by people from all around the world, presented in their native language.


The app speaks to you as you cook the recipe. Follow along step by step and learn to cook the recipe yourself with help from the video, audio and text.

Learn-by-doing! Associate new words with smells and tastes, and then best of all you get to enjoy eating the delicious meal you’ve cooked.


Use the recipe author to create your own videos in your own language!

Recipe Author

Linguacuisine has recipes available in


Latest news

Larkspur Primary Visit July 2019

We enjoyed having Larkspur Primary School in Gateshead to visit our digital kitchen! We also invited pupils to create a new menu for a French restaurant in Paris – we were impressed with the menus pupils created, and decided that the winner should be Jack with his menu pictured below. More photos from the visit […]

Wyvern School Visit – July 2019

We were delighted to welcome Wyvern School in Darlington to the i:Lab to visit us in our digital kitchen. The pupils all got involved in using the Linguacuisine app to learn to cook crêpes and created new food menus for a French café, while learning some new French vocabulary to use back in school.

Heworth Grange School Visit – July 2019

We recently had a visit to our Digital Kitchen from Heworth Grange School in Gateshead. All the pupils have been working hard in their language lessons in school, and were continuing this in visiting us. Not only did pupils try the Linguacuisine app to cook some delicious crêpes, but they took part in a competition […]