“The aim of the app is to deliver a real-world, immersive learning experience involving touch and all 5 senses. This cannot be appreciated by simply reviewing the app online, so you need to put an apron on, try a recipe in a foreign language and see what you learn!”

– Professor Paul Seedhouse
Principal Investigator


How does Linguacuisine work?

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The player helps you to learn a language while you’re cooking a meal! Choose a foreign language and a delicious recipe from that country. Then your own smartphone or tablet will speak to you in the foreign language and talk you through all the stages of cooking the recipe. If you can’t understand, press a button to get the recipe. When you’ve finished, eat the food you’ve cooked and learn something about the culture of the country. Linguacuisine has a range of recipes now available for language learning from around the world, including English, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Quechua, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Turkish.

You can also use the free recipe builder app so that you can upload your own favourite recipe in your own language. That means that anyone anywhere in the world will be able to watch videos and listed to audio of you guiding them through cooking your recipe and learning your language! Use your own smartphone or tablet to make recordings of yourself and upload them using our user-friendly software to create your own recipe.

You can join our worldwide online community so you can rate and discuss other people’s recipes and post information, stories and photos. They can do the same for your recipe, so it’s a good way to make friends in other countries.

  • Linguacuisine is a really fun way to learn about foreign languages, cultures and cuisines and you get to eat what you produce.
  • You can also tell other people around the world about your own cooking, language and way of life.
  • You learn foreign words better when you are physically touching food and cooking utensils and using them to prepare food.
  • When you are cooking, you involve all of your senses in the learning experience – touch, smell and taste as well as hearing and seeing.
  • This is task-based language learning with a real product at the end of it and is intended to improve international understanding and communication.

Linguacuisine is available now as a web app from our website, where the online community is also located. The player is available as freely downloadable Apple and android versions.