How can you learn languages, cultures and cuisines at the same time?

Watch a video from the HundrED Innovation Summit of Paul Seedhouse and Alison Whelan explain and demonstrate the Linguacuisine app in our digital kitchen

Paul Seedhouse explains how the latest digital technology can support learning aspects of languages and their associated cultures and cuisines whilst cooking a meal, which can then be eaten. We discuss the rationale for the free Linguacuisine app , and how using cooking as a task offers opportunities to all viewers who are interested in languages and food. We consider the app’s design principles and how learning is enhanced by having all five senses engaged in a meaningful task with an edible end product.

Then we demonstrate how it works in practice in Newcastle University’s digital kitchen! If you like, use the app yourself to cook along with us in your own kitchen at home during the session, or just watch. We’re making crêpes/pancakes with a bilingual French/English recipe.

Your smartphone speaks to you in the foreign language and talks you through the stages of cooking the recipe. It gives you photos, audios and text of the ingredients and equipment you need to collect, then plays you video clips explaining the cooking procedure.

Finally we evaluate the learning process, taste the crêpes/pancakes and consider how the app has been used during lockdown, together with future possibilities.