Live Streaming Linguacuisine Events

Apart from children using the app at home, Paul Seedhouse can do online live-streaming cooking/learning events if schools/parents think there is a demand and can form online groups. The first streaming event, which featured Paul live cooking an Italian tiramisu in his home kitchen, was a huge success – though perhaps slightly daunting!  Paul was nervous but satisfied with the results: “If you had asked me a few years ago what the likelihood was of me cooking an Italian dish in my own kitchen in March 2020 whilst speaking Italian and live-streaming the whole thing to hundreds of people around the world via Facebook live, I would have told you this was a total impossibility: my Italian is beginners level, my cooking is intermediate level and anyway – I hate social media. Nonetheless, this is what happened and it went reasonably well, apart from me breaking an egg onto the floor!”
Please get in touch at if you have children who might want to take part in a live streaming event.